We design ways for teams to do the best work of their lives.

We believe that the way that employees experience work, their interactions with new ways of working, in their workplace community and with their workspace can designed to foster creativity, enable learning and encourage collaborative teamwork.  We design employee experiences to create the conditions for people to do the best work of their lives.

Capable People

We design learning experiences which build internal capabilities for design and innovation.


Creative Advantage

We embed in teams to trial new ways of working to tap into the full creative potential of teams, address their work to customer needs and  improve their operational efficiency.



We experiment with ways to unlock new value for our clients through design research, service design and growth strategy consulting.

"Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what INQUISITION did for us."

Reinard du Plessis – GM Marketing at ATKV

"Inquisition’s practical, implementable approach enabled our team to learn new skills and apply them within a very quick timeframe. Inquisition encouraged us to become far more conscious of data and results in our approach, and also helped us see how we could build regular testing and experiments into our activities."

Amanda Spoor – BrightRock Insurance