We help organisations meet the challenge of aligning people and their work with an organisation’s purpose and strategy.

We do this to help companies become better places to work. Where people want to show up; where talented people can perform at their best in organisation designed to enable teams to do their best work.

Design a Better Organisation


Experience Mapping

Assess employee journeys and service they receive at work and design improved interactions from  recruitment, on-boarding to a graceful exit and beyond.

From R75,000


Leadership and Team Workshops

Develop context-fit leadership principles, goals and activities or have the community of leaders assess the behavioural changes needed to improve upon the employee experience.

From R45,000


Employee Experience Assesments

Assess your organisation's employee experience or operating model via on-site research and surveys to surface opportunities for design using qualitative research, employee experience surveys and benchmarking.

From R85,000


Change Accellerator

6 - 12 month on-site coaching programmes to accelerate a change toward a better place to work and address structural, people or process issues.

Hire us to partner with your people function to create a in-house organisational design capability.

"Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what INQUISITION did for us."

Reinard du Plessis – GM Marketing at ATKV

"Inquisition’s practical, implementable approach enabled our team to learn new skills and apply them within a very quick timeframe. Inquisition encouraged us to become far more conscious of data and results in our approach, and also helped us see how we could build regular testing and experiments into our activities."

Amanda Spoor – BrightRock Insurance