Learning Experience Design

We design learning experiences which empower teams with new ideas, ways of working, tools and resources.

A capability is an ability to *do* something. It's not enough to teach teams about, for example design thinking, when they cannot integrate the methods back into their work. We bias all of our learning experiences toward applicability and thus we focus on nurturing capabilities. This means that every learning experience is designed specifically to match the cultural conditions of your organisation and might blend a mindset, a method and team practice into a single learning experience.

We design ways for teams to learn new skills by putting them into action; a learn by doing approach.

Training and Workshops

Inquisition offers custom training solutions and workshops. Our 3 focus areas are creating ways for teams to become capable of Adaptability, Innovation and Growth.

Team Building and Team Offsites

Team Building doesn't have to mean trust-falls and dragging team mates through mud. Done right they can be an energy reboot and help your team to get unstuck, align a team behind an important mission or used to quickly solve a complex problem.

We facilitate team offsites with a strategic or design focus and design custom team builds.

Learning Experiences

Most people today think of learning as taking place in stuffy classroom settings. Curiosity dies in the classroom. Instead we design one off learning experiences which address a specific organisational outcome e.g. digital fluency, or creative confidence or improving the way teams work together.

From hackathons, to an electronics maker day to building an interactive museum for a sports broadcaster and a digital Museum of the Future for a private bank we have developed unforgettable experiences which keep audiences highly engaged and deliver on their learning goals.

Co-Design Labs

Co-Design labs are our answer to the Corporate Immersion. We hate human safaris. Empathy cannot be the outcome of sticking a team of people into a bus and asking them to empathise with a market from a distance.

As an alternative our immersions are set as Co-Design Labs, where new ventures and solutions can be designed with the customers who will be effected by them in the communities where the service will come to life.