Developing Digital Confidence

The Context

For a leading private investment bank’s digital team we were asked to develop a learning experience. The goal of our learning experience was to foster digital confidence amongst participants.

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Gaining confidence as a team.

The Challenge

Not unlike math and science, some people have a mental block which prevents them from getting stuck into learning about new technology. Similarly when exploring new ways to deliver value to clients using technology, some teams get stuck trying to bring the new idea to life successfully.

Our challenge is to help teams get unstuck by encouraging a learn-while-doing approach to tackling wicked problems.

We know from our experience that if an organisation wants to successfully embrace new digital technologies — as part of digital transformation — a pre-requisite is establishing a culture which encourages upgrading capabilities and improving confidence with technology as well as practicing the habits of leading digital teams.

The Solution

The Solution

We believe that learning about new technology and new ways of working is more productive when the learning is embedded in doing and the doing accomplishes a meaningful goal tied to an organisation’s objectives.

We asked: how might we blend learning to boost the confidence and capability of working with new technologies naturally into a day which upgrades the way teams of people work together? We designed a Digital Confidence Bootcamp in which lean mean learning teams would be established and challenged to complete a mission together.

We designed a day of learning that would see teams racing a custom-designed electronic race car. Our newly-formed teams would have to work together to assemble, test and refine then automate their car movements around a track. The mission being to successfully complete the fastest automated lap around the track.

Learning Outcomes

The assembly, testing and automation components of the build were used as a medium to blend in learning about how to work more effectively as a team and as a way to naturally practice new ways of working.

Teams learned how to:

  • Establish a new team and unearth the capabilities of team members
  • Declare the mission and purpose of a new team to align action behind a common goal
  • Practice an effective and easily repeatable brainstorming technique to enhance the design of the race-car shell as well as develop a name for their team
  • Practice methods drawn from the design process by customising their race-car and enhancing the race-car’s software and design with our team’s assistance
  • Practicing the Coaching Kata method by manually driving their race cars around a track to establish assumed and actual lap-times so that over time, the team could accurately begin predict their race-cars total lap-time
  • Dive into basic software development with a visual programming tool that we created for the day to learn how to test and improve code

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Developed Confidence
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