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Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs - HatfieldHub Event 1

The Standard Bank Hatfield Branch recently relaunched and features Standard Bank Hatfield Hub: A co-working space that will include activities, programmes and events for entrepreneurs, students and youth. Inquisition has partnered with Standard Bank to provide workshops to visitors. Our Spark programme aims to improve the chance new business owners have of succeeding by enhancing their capabilities. 

In our first session, Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs, we will be practising the design thinking approach in a mini-challenge. You'll walk away with a practical way to start applying design thinking principles and methods to accelerate the growth of your business or if you're just getting started in business a way to determine if your idea is worth pursuing. 

Overview of "Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs" 

Learn how organisations like Apple and Google are using creative problem-solving techniques like design thinking to ensure their clients’  needs are met. In this session you'll learn an easy and affordable process to ensure your new ideas turn into successful products, or new businesses which generate a profit.


  • Reduce risk of creating something no-one wants
  • Understand your customers and their needs
  • Increase the certainty of your new idea succeeding


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Venue: Standard Bank Hatfield Hub (Inside the Hatfield branch) 440 Hilda Street, Pretoria.

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More about Inquisition's Spark Workshops

The 5 part Standard Bank HatfieldHub Spark Programme will include sessions on how to: 

  • Apply design thinking to your next entrepreneurial endeavour 
  • Tap into and apply your creativity at work to create a differentiated business which stands out from the crowd.     
  • Create a really great customer experience which attracts and retains customers.
  • Tell a great story, to attract new customers, investors or to create an impact at work.     
  • Grow your customer base using content marketing and growth-hacking. Waste less, and accelerate your growth!