Why Better Work?

People spend over half of their lives at work. It’s time we reinvented organisations as sites of creativity, learning and fulfilment and not just a means to an end.

Make Work More Human

We believe that better workplace experiences can be intentionally designed. Designed to foster creativity, enable learning and encourage collaborative teamwork to ultimately inspire people to do the best work of their lives.

Toward Happier Mondays

Organisations which put their people first outperform those who don’t. It’s time we reinvented organisations as sites of creativity, learning and fulfilment and not just a means to an end.

Our Story

Experimenting our way to a business 

All good experiments need a hypothesis and Inquisition was no different. At its inception in 2011, founders Palesa Sibeko and Vincent Hofmann started with the hypothesis that a multi-disciplinary team assembled from fields such as biology, sociology, advertising, design and technology would be well-suited to solving complex challenges.

We look up to by design firms such as IDEO and Frog and have drawn inspiration from how designers like Vignelli and Eames operated their firms as labs in which to test new ideas and deeply contemplate the challenges of their time.

When Inquisition was founded its offered strategy, research and technology development primarily to marketers.

It was not clear to us at the time but beyond a viable service/product we were embedding better ways of working which enabled teams to make better decisions and more readily adapt to changing client expectations.

More than doing the design for our clients we discovered we preferred to jump in alongside them and help them to design for themselves.


Co-dependency is a four-letter word

We admire designers and makers – we didn’t hang pictures of consultants on our walls. When we were introduced as consulting practice or as a think tank, we dismissed the label quickly and quietly. The case against “consulting” was mounting.

Consulting firms are famous for creating dependency – not capability – and made money by bridging capacity gaps, not knowledge gaps.

We are happiest when we leave our clients design ready and not dependent on us for design.

“So, what does your team do?”

Don't worry we get asked this often. We apply design methods upgrading the way that teams work.

We get stuck into ongoing projects alongside our clients and design and test better processes, practices and tools which allow the team to tap into their full potential. If you're interested in diving more deeply into our process read our Design Principles.

"What's with the name?"

We were aware of *that* Inquisition and wanted to intentionally reclaim the name. Inquisition started out as research firm with the belief that curiosity is contagious. "Inquisition", to be deeply curious, fit and then stuck.

Nobody expects us.

"What's the Inquisition vibe like?"

We've been described as "boundary hounds", as radically honest and deeply curious.

On a good day in the office we spend equal amounts of time debating how to improve the quality of work for South Africans, testing new ideas on ourselves, developing and refining new team tools and adding new unmentionables to our "out of context" wall.

Don't just take our word for it, here's an ex-crew member Meghan's account of what it was like to work at Inquisition.