We design ways for teams to do the best work of their lives.

We believe that organisations can be designed to foster creativity, enable learning and encourage collaborative teamwork to ultimately inspire people to do the best work of their lives.

Capable People

We design learning experiences which build internal capabilities for design and innovation.


Creative Advantage

We embed in teams to trial new ways of working to tap into the full creative potential of teams, address their work to customer needs and  improve their operational efficiency.



We experiment with ways to unlock new value for our clients through design research, service design and growth strategy consulting.

Team Upgrades

We design new ways of working which enables your team to tap into their full creative potential to do the best work of their lives.

Culture and Strategy

Team Alignment

Align your team behind a common purpose, goals and objectives in our full-day Team Alignment workshop.

Team Charter 

Belief in purpose and ultimately purposeful work drives individual accountability and ownership to the mission. Book our 1 day Team Purpose Workshop.

Culture Design

Map your existing team culture, define team ambitions and design ways of working to trial to sync up the way the team works and its ambitions. 

Team Design

Better Meetings

Too much time is spent in wasteful meetings, put meetings to work by learning how to hold productive kick-off, check-in and retrospective meetings. 

Service Design Coaching

Introduce and then naturalise service design methods to improve customer experience, retain customers and find new markets to serve.    

Design Thinking

Introduction to Human Centred Design principles and Design Thinking processes in a hands-on design thinking workshop.    

Design Thinking to Design Ready

Design Readiness

We embed into your team for 3 months to test and adapt new ways of working which enable your team to tap into their full potential for adaptability, innovation and growth. 

Learning Experiences

We design custom learning experiences which support business goals like our L&D ChatbotsDigital Safari MuseumInteractive Data Physicalisations and Design Labs and Hackathons 

Design Facilitation Training

Learn how to facilitate the design thinking process, scale the design method and mindset so that you can multiply your organisation's investment into design. 

Our services include Design, Workshops and Service Design Consulting.

Why Upgrade the Way Your Team Works?

Team Design - South Africa

90% of companies are confronting problems so complex that teams are essential to solving them¹.

We work with teams to improve their ability to solve complex problems by introducing new ways of working, mindsets and capabilities into their on-going work streams. In so doing we adapt and naturalise the methods of design-thinking and lean and principles of agile.

The investment in teams pays off. People with a design element in their work were on average 41% more productive than average¹ and IDEO found that organisations that foster a culture of strong purpose and design sensibility outperform the S&P by 303% and 211%, respectively².

[1] “The Power of Many,” EY, 2013. [2] “Value of Design Research,” Design  [3] “Creative Difference,” IDEO, 2017 Council UK

Our Latest Projects

For a leading private investment bank we developed an electronics maker-day experience to foster better team work, digital confidence and improve digital fluency.   

ATKV - Service Design

For ATKV we increased capacity to approach complex problems and a deepened understanding of one another’s roles in delivering a brilliant customer experience and evidence of increased revenue.

Digital Safari

We designed the Digital Safari learning experience as an interactive museum which blended content about our client' investment into emerging technology into an immersive museum experience.

culture manual

We researched and then developed a culture book to make explicit to new and existing employees the way a team worked to enhance their experience and help the team grow gracefully. 

"Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what INQUISITION did for us."

Reinard du Plessis – GM Marketing at ATKV

"Inquisition’s practical, implementable approach enabled our team to learn new skills and apply them within a very quick timeframe. Inquisition encouraged us to become far more conscious of data and results in our approach, and also helped us see how we could build regular testing and experiments into our activities."

Amanda Spoor – BrightRock Insurance
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  “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something,...

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