We are Inquisition - a strategy company: one part business consultancy and one part hardware and technology lab.

We're working on helping big organisations adapt and respond to shifts in people's needs, the technology and services available to them, and the culmination of both the way in which they experience the world using technology.

As a strategy company we help businesses improve the time and money they spend online. We apply a digital worldview to business consulting to help our customers accomplish their business goals.

To our clients we become like the furniture; unlike typical digital agency, client relationships we don't treat customers at an arms length. We get stuck in. We're business partners. We face business challenges with our clients and we are at 2AM with them when that great idea strikes to help get stuck in and start building.

Our Approach

Today established brands are under continuous threat: global upstarts threaten entrenched players in financial, automotive, entertainment and health services. Using research and insight drawn from these upstarts, as well as a blended approach mixing IDEO's approach to Design Thinking and Google Venture's Five Day Product Design Sprint, we help our customers create better products and services weekly design sprints, work-sessions and as part of our strategic consulting offering. 

Our research and strategic business consultancy services have passed muster for the likes of PayPal, Kaya FM, Vodacom and FNB and we are best known for:

  • applied ethnographic research (online and offline); 
  • digital, mobile and social media strategy; 
  • WeChat Official Accounts content management and strategy; 
  • creating online communities and community management.;
  • and social media management.
Amadeus Africa's pan-african content hub: a chance for teams across Africa to connect and share news with one another See more of our work

Amadeus Africa's pan-african content hub: a chance for teams across Africa to connect and share news with one another

See more of our work

Our Technology Products

Thanks to the power of technology, all experiences can be digital. In an always-on world, customers are given a virtual remote, able to flick swiftly with ever decreasing loyalty between your offering, your competitors and the DIY provider with a YouTube channel or a blog. With so much noise out there, and so many brands vying for your customer's attention, we want to help you create meaningful and relevant experiences. 

From your own custom branded mobile phones, to tablets made specifically for school-kids, interactive games played on vending machines or mobile games - we want to create unique experiences which your customers won't be able to forget anytime soon.


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